Empowering Digital Identity

Move to Passwordless


User Management

Our Out-Of-Box User Management allows you to focus on Product Development and we help you to integrate your users quickly.

Access Management

Access Management

Our Role Based Access Management will allow you to expose your Application and API to your audience without writing a lot of codes.



Authenticate users across all of your Applications & APIs with standards like Ldap, OAuth, OIDC and Two-factor authentication (2FA).


Identity Security Solutions

Our Enterprise Identity & Access Management is comprehensive solution to manage your Application access, Privileged access and Web API access. Built for your CRM or SAAS solutions either hosted on-premise or cloud based

Single Sign On

Allow your users to access multiple application with just one set of login credentials.

Centralized Management

Centralized management for your Applications, Users, Roles, Scopes and User Claims. An comprehensive features management.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Enhance Security by enabling users to authenticate through Email, SMS and Google / Microsoft Authenticator app.

Organization Units

Organization Units to manage members and roles for your B2B customers.


When security is a highest priority, Passwordless via FIDO2 is the best choice for safeguarding organization data and system.

Social / External Login

Allow your B2C users to login via Social providers including Twitter, Google and Microsoft.

Reporting & Auditing

Easy access to audit reports on system logs and users login history.

Application Management

Single point to mange your both on-premises and cloud application, including Saas Apps and Web API solutions.

LDAP & Azure AD

Easily integrate federated login with on-premises Active Directory (LDAP) and Azure Active Directory.


What We Offer

Ozdentity offer various types of deployment from shared instance to private cloud to self-hosting

In a world driven by connectivity, trust in your digital identity is non-negotiable. At Ozdentity, we transcend boundaries, ensuring your identity is not just secure but a key to unlocking a world of possibilities. Elevate your digital experience — trust in the power of a fortified identity


Professional Plan

Managed IAM on Shared Instance for companies looking to secure their B2C and SaaS Application.

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Enterprise Plan

Managed IAM on Dedicated Instance for large organisations and B2B Organisations.


Public Sector

Self host and Self Managed deployment for Federal and State Government for the highest security.